Gallery Opening: October 7th 2016 5:00 - 9:00

Location: Angst Gallery, 1015 Main St, Vancouver, WA 

Call for Submission: Food Culture of Southwest Washington Exhibit

Slow Food Southwest Washington is hosting an art show at Angst Gallery this October that will showcase our food regions -- Valley, Estuary, Forest and Highlands. Artists are welcome to submit art in all media that captures the essence of one of Southwest Washington’s four food regions. The exhibit will be an opportunity to highlight local eco-gastronomic chefs, farmers and local food pioneers, while reclaiming an artistic language for the flavor, environment and people that make up this food region..

The Food Cultures of Southwest Washington art exhibit will open on Friday, October 7th, from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., 2016 and will run through Saturday, October 29th. On Tuesdays throughout October, a food photography class will be offered, along with a menu highlighting the best of Southwest Washington’s eco-gastronomic traditions. Art that does not sell during the exhibit can be donated to a silent auction at our Fall Feast on November 15th, 2016. The Art Exhibit and Fall Feast are fundraisers for Slow Foods Southwest Washington. 

Two ways to participate:

1.     Photo contest. Complete the photo submission form HERE. Slow Food Southwest Washington will print them and sell prints. Each week a $100 prize will be given to the photo which sells the most prints. The Submission Deadline is September 28th at 6:00pm.

2.     Submit art for display in the gallery. (Gallery 40%, Artist 40% and Slow Food Southwest Washington 20%.) Use this consignment form when you drop off your submission at Angst. Entries may be dropped off Tuesday, September 27th - through Friday, September 30th from 2:30-5:00 p.m. Email if these times don’t work and you need to deliver your work at another time.  Angst Gallery reserves the right to disqualify any artwork that does not fit into the theme of this event or that is not ready for hanging.

Fees: There are no fees to submit. However, donations to Slow Food Southwest Washington are gladly accepted.

Eligibility: Entry is open to all regardless of artistic experience.

Submission theme: Your art piece should either capture the terroir of one of the four food regions of Southwest Washington or spotlight one not yet identified. Here is a description of the food regions:

Where rich soils have been deposited from glacial and river activity that nourish the abundant grasses, orchards and vegetables of our region.

Example: In this broadest category we seek pieces that feature fields, vegetables, orchards, pasture, grasslands, native prairie bulbs, or even dirt. The work could portray individual or raw ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, bulbs, or cheeses, or a finished, prepared dish that is reminiscent of the place where the ingredients were grown.


Terrain: High elevation pine forests, oak groves of the lowlands, and all other forest regions in between.

Example: Mushrooms, berries, herbs, barks, and ferns are typical of this region. This category includes foraged items and the meals that can be made from them. A still life of foraged items on the kitchen table, scenes of wild edibles in their natural ecosystem, or a meal made with forest ingredients would be prime subjects for submission. 


Terrain: This region includes the high, dry, plateau areas near Skamania along the Columbia Gorge.

Example: Highlight the vineyards, cattle, hunting, or foraging that takes place in this area.


Terrain: This region is any place where land and water meet: estuaries, canals, river bottoms, bogs, lakes, and creeks. 

Example: Capture the shellfish, foraged foods, fishing, cranberry bogs and sea kelp in these areas.

For more information, contact Warren Neth: or 360-771-1296