Recommendations to the Board of Clark County Commissioners to make the Comprehensive Plan develop the farm economy and conserve farmland.

Farmland conservation:

1. Transfer of Development Rights (TDR)

2. Conservation Easements and Purchase of Development Rights (PDR)

3. Agricultural Production Districts 

Farm economy:

1. Support procurement policies that favor local and regional food sourcing of healthy food in city/county services, at events and by emergency food providers. Encourage purchase of local and regional consumer goods in city operations and in the private sector.

2. Promote agricultural support businesses and markets through favorable land use regulations, permit processes, and assistance with market development.

3. Identify and help develop commercial and light industrial land to increase food processing, storage and distribution capacity.

4. Explore co-locating processing, wholesale distribution, and retail sales through food hubs.

5. Encourage development of community/commissary kitchens as entrepreneurial space.

6. Support of “Buy Local” marketing campaigns to promote and enhance agriculture throughout the cities and county.

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