Why Farms?

Clark County farms support the local economy

·      Local farms employ more than 4,000 people. Preserving agriculture land provides economic opportunity for new farmers and allows for existing farms to expand, keeping these jobs local.

·      Supporting local farms keeps our money circulating locally.

·      Locally produced food travels shorter distances, reducing transportation costs and carbon footprint while maintaining food      quality.

·      Privately-owned and managed agriculture land generates more local tax revenues than it costs in services.


Local food is healthy for people and for land

·      Good farming practices can help preserve clean water and healthy soil.

·      Encouraging the production, distribution, and procurement of food from local farms increases the availability to and consumption of locally produced foods for our community.

·      Maintaining the potential to grow more of our own food helps make us resilient in the event of major emergencies.

·      Local food has a lower risk of causing food-borne illnesses because it spends less time in transit, doesn’t change hands as often and is more apt to be processed in small batches.


The rural character of farm land enhances the quality of life

·      A high quality of life is attractive to employers wanting to locate in Clark County. 

·      Agricultural land provides habitat for wildlife and allows natural water filtration.

·      Food grown closer to consumers uses less fossil fuels which contribute to pollution, greenhouse gases and emissions, extreme heat days, flooding, drought, deteriorating air quality, and other impacts to human health.